Hey, we are Eve and Tiv!

Eve Berry

Consultant  -  A very experienced consultant who has worked extensively with different organizations in creating value-centered organizational cultures, solving challenging conflicts, guiding them through crisis and development issues.

Author - She is the author of the book titled Building True Community - Thirty Years Down the Road Less Traveled.

Facilitator - She can creatively and productively facilitate brainstorming, vision-casting and problem-solving meetings.

CB Facilitator
- She was among the first ones trained by M. Scott Peck himself. She has facilitated countless Community Building groups ever since. 

CB Facilitator Trainer
- She has also trained and is continuously mentoring other Community Building facilitators.

eberry at nautilusleaders.com

Tivadar Bal√°zs

with an MSc degree.

Leadership trainer
- a John Maxwell Team member

Community Building and consensus enthusiast

Online marketing and copywriter rookie

email: tbalazs at nautilusleaders.com

Why Nautilus?

We draw inspiration from the nautilus, an ancient creature known as a living fossil and the best natural example of the logarithmic spiral and the Golden Mean represented in sacred geometry.

A newly hatched nautilus wears a shell divided into seven or eight small chambers. As a nautilus grows, it gains more living space by emptying its old space and growing into new chambers.

he nautilus spends most of its time in deep ocean waters and uses the buoyancy created by its empty chambers to navigate in all directions. The spiral shape represents evolution and growth of the spirit.