Is 'positive thinking' keeping you stuck?

Is 'positive thinking' keeping you stuck?

Barbara Sher in her Wishcraft book has got a chapter titled „The power of negative thinking”

Well, I am not sure we have to go that far. But it is true, that positive thinking, or at least trying to feel positively all the time can keep us stuck.

I am all in for possibility thinking. I am all in for thinking in terms of solutions.

ut here is the deal: not every thought or idea we have will work out. Trying to keep a plan alive in the name of positive thinking when the plan has failed us it simply won't work.

Sometimes the best we can do is to simply admit, that the road we are on is a dead end street and we need to find another way.

dmiting negative feelings like disappointment, fear or hatred will help us with self-discovery and getting to the positive feelings. We can't get to the success and victory feelings, for example, without facing our fears and going through some frustrations along the way. Negative feelings, furthermore, can teach us a lot.

So, it is all okay to have dreams. It is even required. But more often than not we have to realize that the plan or the time schedule attached to the dream needs to change. Avoiding to admit things don't go as hoped just makes our journey even longer. It is better to let go, get unstuck by letting go and find new ways.

A personal story

I have been involved in network marketing for years. For almost ten years. I believed that I should never give up, and that was the best business opportunity so I sticked around for long.

Well, two things:

I still believe in never giving up on our most precious ideals, values and dreams.

I still believe that network marketing is the best business opportunity.

o, why am I not doing it?

Based on my experience each one of us has his or her unique path. It is not true, that the path does not matter as long as you get to the rewards and that the path is only a tool. And anyone can use that same tool. I think, the path is determined by our gifts and passions, so it is unique for every one of us..

Anything can be the best opportunity for those who have got a passion for that field of activity. So network marketing is the best for those who are passionate about it and really love it (I didn't. I liked the books and the teachings, some products but that was all).

So, maybe you are in a situation I was in. I was having a false hope. The hope that if I just grow enough it will work for me too.

needed some emotional security and emotional health to realize that I am not even on the right path (my own unique path).
(It probably goes without saying that it was precisely Community Building that liberated me and helped me tremendously in terms of emotional well-being and emotional freedom.)

So I just would like to encourage you to check out Community Building. I think if you are interested in self-development, you will appreciate it to have it in your growth toolkit.

ommunity Building gives you a safe and highly respectful atmosphere that can help you with self-reflection, self-discovery and letting go.

It can help you with emotional health. Emotional health on the other hand can give you a better quality of life and puts you in a better position to let go of dead end streets and discover your own very unique path(s) to success and fulfillment.

„This is part of the secret of all genuinely successful people: they have found their paths.”
-Barbara Sher

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