Are you ready to really grow? Are you ready for an unforgattable experience? Are you ready for transformation?

Come and commit to two days of:

Community Building Experience (2 days)

A community building experience provides participants with the opportunity to explore the experiential process during which a group of individuals, using a few simple guidelines, discover how to build a sense of community with each other.

The experience is facilitated by two experienced community building facilitators who introduce the process and provide reflections on the group process and feedback to the group to consider as it figures out which forms of communication work---and do not—foster an environment of extraordinary respect, authenticity and connection with others.

Groups size is between 20 and 50. You can read about the benefits on our home page and by clicking the button below.

Time: 2 days (for example: it starts on a Friday evening, and ends on Sunday afternoon)

The dates for the next in-person CBE: 15th - 16th October, 2022 - 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. (with an optional Meet and Greet in the evening on the 14th of October, so on Friday between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.)

Location: Hilton Garden Inn, Bradley Airport, Connecticut (here you can have a look at the hotel's website: Hotel Garden Inn )

Participation fees:  $210 (workshop + lunch + coffee breaks) - if you register before the 1st of October

                                            $260 (workshop + lunch + coffee breaks) - after the 1st of October
                                 +hotel room. We have reserved a block of rooms at a special rate of $125/night, to                                                                be booked directly with the Hilton. Specifics to follow after registration.

Payment options: on-line with a credit or debit card, you can send us a check or through PayPal

                                  After filling out the registration form you will find more information and will be able                                         to choose from these three options.

Environmental responsibility pledge: we finance the planting of ten trees 🌳 for each participant

A full Community Building experience takes at least two days. Would you like to know what the experience can be like but you are not quite ready to commit for two or three days?

Come and taste what the word community can mean in terms of relationship quality!

A Taste of Community

A Taste of Community provides participants with an exploration of the Community Building process, the role of communication in building community and an overview of the stages.

Participants have an opportunity to experience a short Community Building session after the conversation about the Community Building model.

Time: 3 hours

The date for the next virtual (Zoom) taster event: based on interest to be set later, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (EDT - Eastern Daylight Time)

Environmental responsibility pledge: we finance the planting of two trees 🌳 for each participant

Are you a maximizer? Three days are better than two, right? 

Come and commit to a:

Community Building Skills Workshop (3 days)

A community building skills workshop provides participants with a complete community building experience followed by a day that provides an opportunity to reflect on the two-day experiential session to understand what happened in the group during each of the community building stages.

The third day also focuses on the skills that encourage a sense of community and how these skills can be applied in daily life.

Time: 3 days (for example it starts on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday afternoon)

Have you been touched by a Community Building event?

Would you like to find a meaningful occupation and a potentially income producing skill at the same time?

Do you think you have the patience and the discernment to become a good facilitator?

This opportunity might be for you:

Community Building Facilitator Training

Community Building Facilitator Training is a five-day, experientially based training that covers all aspects of community building facilitation. Participants learn about the community building model in depth and practice facilitating in pairs. Throughout the training, participants are exposed to the types of situations and individuals that they will likely encounter during community building experiences and learn the skills of making group process comments and interventions. The training also includes a discernment process to determine each individual’s readiness to serve as a facilitator.

Time: 5 days

Twice annually

Formats: Virtual or in-person

Is Community Building new to you? Would you like to know more but you don't have time to read a book about it?

Come and listen to one of our:

Community Building Webinars

Our series of webinars covers a series of topics related to community building. The webinars are presented by experienced community builders who have worked over many years with Dr. M. Scott Peck and the Foundation for Community Encouragement. Each webinar covers a different aspect of community building. Webinars, which range from 15 minutes to 1 hour, include:

  • Overview of the community building model

  • Stages of community in daily life

  • Guiding principles and practices

  • The role of emptiness in Community Building

  • Integrating Community Building principles into organizational culture

Live events and viewing on demand.