Community Building Coaching

On the nuts and bolts of hosting Community Building Events

On applying Community Building principles in your everyday lives

Are you interested in creating a healthy corporate culture in your organization?

Community in Organizations

Although companies strive for a healthy company culture, many organizations fall short, resulting in disgruntled employees, high turnover, and an overall poor reputation.

For more than 25-years, our leadership team has worked with large and small b
usinesses, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations to help assess their cultures and develop change processes to infuse the principles and practices of community building throughout all levels.

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if you are interested in having us conduct an assessment and work with your organization’s leadership to develop a plan and implement a customized change strategy to create a culture that features the following characteristics:

  1. Retention is High, Unwanted Turnover is Low

  2. Diversity is Welcomed and Embraced

  3. Work is Both Challenging and Rewarding

  4. People Want to Join Your Team

  5. Leadership is Shared and Developed

  6. There is a Lack of Complaining, Whining, Finger Pointing, and Gossip

  7. Employees Want to Come to Work Each Day

  8. Employees Feel Valued

  9. Change is Generally Well Received

Are you a facilitator? It can be a challenging task to lead a group into true community, right?

Would be good to discuss some of the situations you have come across with other practicing facilitators and Eve herself? 

This service is for you:

Community Building Facilitator Roundtable

The Roundtable is an ongoing support group and learning community for community building facilitators. Community building facilitators who are facilitation workshops and/or who have attended the Facilitator Training may participate in a monthly Community Building Facilitator Roundtable. At Roundtable, senior facilitators provide an environment for continuing education on community building facilitation.

Time: 2 hours